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Conference material: "Scientific service & Internet: proceedings of the 21th All-Russian Scientific Conference (September 23-28, 2019, Novorossiysk)"
Authors: Khelemendik R.V., Pranichnikov V. E., Sivakova T. V.
On the extension of the methodology IGEC and its applications in the problems of intelligent robotronics
In the paper a methodology (methodological aspects of technology) of IGEC is extended. This methodology is applied in particular for the creation of intelligent robotic complexes and networks of mechatronic devices in industrial automatics, which united by integrating software and tools of knowledge representation.
intelligent robotronics, IGEC-technology, logical control based on Industry-4.0 approach, pentalogics, logical analysis
Publication language: russian,  страниц: 14 (p. 639-652)
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