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KIAM Preprint ¹ 3, Moscow, 2024
Authors: Vedenyapin V.V., Aushev V.M., Gladkov A.O., Izmailova Y.A., Rebrova A.A.
Mathematical theory of the accelerated expansion of the Universe based on the principle of least action and the Friedman and Milne-McCrea model
In classical works, equations for the fields of gravity and electromagnetism are proposed without deriving the right-hand sides. Here we give the derivation of the right-hand sides and analysis of the stress–energy tensor within the framework of the Vlasov–Maxwell–Einstein equations and models of the Milne–McCrea and Friedman type. New models of the accelerated expansion of the Universe without Einstein's lambda are proposed.
Vlasov equation, Vlasov–Einstein equation, Vlasov–Maxwell equation, Vlasov–Poisson equation, Friedman model
Publication language: russian,  pages: 28
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
Russian source text:
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About authors:
  • Vedenyapin Victor Valentinovich, RAS
  • Aushev Viktor Mikhailovich, MSTU
  • Gladkov Andrey Olegovich, Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Izmailova Yulia Andreevna, MSTU
  • Rebrova Alina Alexandrovna, Institute of Physics and Technology