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KIAM Preprint  46, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Bruno A.D., Azimov A.A.
Computation of unimodular matrices
Here we give an algorithm for solving the following problem. Let m<n integer vectors be given in the n-dimensional real space. Their linear span forms a linear subspace L in Rn. It is required to calculate such an unimodular matrix that a linear transformation with it transforms the subspace L into a coordinate one. Also, programs that implement the algorithms and power transformations, for which they are needed, are given.
unimodular matrix, integer vector, continued fraction, the Eulers algorithm, power transformation
Publication language: russian,  pages: 20
Research direction:
Mathematical problems and theory of numerical methods
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About authors:
  • Bruno Alexander Dmitrievich, RAS
  • Azimov Alijon Akhmadovich, State University