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KIAM Preprint  6, Moscow, 2021
Authors: Golubev Y.F., Grushevskii A.V., Korianov V.V., Tuchin A.G., Tuchin D.A.
Rutherford's extended formula and optimization of the gravity assists beam modeling in the Solar system
The extended Rutherford formula for the gravitational scattering is obtained. Semi-analytical guaranteeing estimates are presented for a sufficient number of a spacecraft virtual trajectories in a beam when simulating gravity assist maneuvers around the Solar system massive bodies which are forming the unceasing procedure for searching for the interplanetary ballistic scenarios. A special importance here is assured by the guaranteed synthesis of the bang-bang gravity assist maneuvers chains if it is necessary to change the asymptotic velocity of the spacecraft relative to the planet.
gravitational scattering, trajectory beams, extended Rutherfords formula, bang-bang gravity assists
Publication language: russian,  pages: 31
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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About authors:
  • Golubev Yury Filippovich, RAS
  • Grushevskii Alexey Vasilyevich, RAS
  • Korianov Victor Vladimirovich, RAS
  • Tuchin Andrey Georgievich, RAS
  • Tuchin Denis Andreevich, RAS