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KIAM Preprint № 85, Moscow, 2018
Authors: Borovin G.K., Zakhvatkin M. V., Stepaniants V. A., Usovik I.V.
Statistical model of space objects distribution in space of orbital parameters
A statistical model of space debris is proposed. The model is based on the catalog of orbits of space objects, constructed using domestic and foreign sources. To build this model, the cataloged objects are clustering using criterion of closeness in a 4d space of orbital parameters characterizing the semimajor axis, eccentricity and position of the plane of the satellite orbits composing a cluster. The distribution of objects in each cluster is determined by the mathematical expectation and the covariance matrix of the spread of the orbital parameters of the cluster.
space object, orbital parameters, model of space debris distribution
Publication language: russian, pages: 16
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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