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KIAM Preprint № 53, Moscow, 2016
Authors: Golubev Y. F.
Non-Stationary Model of Forces for Water Influence on a Rectangular Raft
The model of forces which are acting from the calm water to a raft during its any unsteady motion is proposed. The finite formulas are obtained for the total resistance forces and moments, taking into account the effect of buoyancy forces as well as viscous forces , wave and form resistance. This model is the development of the well-known model of water resistance for steady movement to the case of an arbitrary non-stationary motion of the raft as a solid body on the calm water surface.
raft, buoyancy force, water resistance, viscous forces
Publication language: russian,  pages: 40
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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About authors:
  • Golubev Yury Filippovich, RAS