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KIAM Preprint № 52, Moscow, 2016
Authors: Arutyunov A.A., Borisov L.A., Zenyuk D. A., Ivchenko A.Yu., Kirina-Lilinskaya E. P., Orlov Y. N., Osminin K.P., Fedorov S.L., Shilin S.A.
Statistical regularity of European languages and Voynich Manuscript analysis
The statistical properties of letters frequencies in European literature texts are investigated. The determination of logarithmic dependence of letters sequence for one-languge and two-language texts are examined. The pare of languages are suggested for Voynich Manuscript. The internal structure of Manuscript is considered. The spectral portraits of two-letters distribution are constructed.
letters frequency distribution, European languages groups, Voynich Manuscript, spectral portrait
Publication language: russian,  pages: 36
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
Russian source text:
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About authors:
  • Arutyunov Andronik Aramovich,  ,  кафедра высш. мат. МФТИ; РУДН
  • Borisov Leonid Andreevich,  KIAM RAS
  • Zenyuk Dmitry Alexeevich, RAS
  • Ivchenko Anastasija Yurievna,  ,  студентка МФТИ, VI курс
  • Kirina-Lilinskaya Elizaveta Petrovna, RAS
  • Orlov Yurii Nikolaevich, RAS
  • Osminin Konstantin Pavlovich,  ,  окончил аспирантуру Мехмата МГУ
  • Fedorov Sergey Leonidovich,  ,  окончил аспирантуру ВЦ РАН
  • Shilin Sergey Anatolievich,  ,  окончил бакалавриат МФТИ