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KIAM Preprint № 5, Moscow, 2014
Authors: Chetverushkin B. N., Gasilov V. A., Novikov V. G., Olkhovskaya O. G., Dorofeeva E. Y., Boyko I.M.
Exaflop computations and the fusion energy devices simulation prospects
Implementation of complex plasma models at multipetaflop and exaflop computing systems in the international NuFuSE project can provide full-scale predictive simulation of upcoming fusion energy devices. Keldysh team is developing and testing basic computer models and algorithms for hydrodynamics and energy transfer in the ITER divertor using high performance computing. The basic RMHD code MARPLE was enhanced with the semi-empirical hybrid turbulence model, the second-order self-adjoint equation for radiation transport, and plasma and radiation non-equilibrium accounted via two-tables interpolation of matter properties. 3D RMHD code was used for scalability studies and efficiency testing up to 32K computational cores on unstructured meshes up to 7.9·108 tetrahedral cells.
exaflop computing systems, ITER, RMHD plasma simulation, scalability
Publication language: russian, pages: 24
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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