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KIAM Preprint  36, Moscow, 2014
Authors: Legkostupov M. S.
On the issue of gravitational instability of the Sun protoplanetary disk. Part III. The development and substantiation of the model
It is shown that, if the rotation of the disk medium obeys the law of Kepler, then when the mass of the disk Md ≥ (0.15 - 0.2)∙MS (MS - mass of the Sun) the inner region of the disk becomes gravitationally unstable. In this situation the gravitational instability at first begins to emerge for large wavelength perturbations of the disk medium. It was developed the model of the formation of the Sun planetary system proposed in 2006 by A.V. Zabrodin, M.S. Legkostupov, K.V. Manukovskiy et al. It was done the comparison of this model with modern models: the model of solid accumulation, developed in the works by O.Y. Schmidt, V.S. Safronov and his disciples; with the model by .. Galimov with co-authors and with the Eneyev-Kozlov model. It is shown that the model proposed by A.V. Zabrodin, M.S. Legkostupov, K.V. Manukovskiy et al. gives the best explanation for a large number of experimental facts about genesis of both planetary system of the Sun and planetary systems of other stars.
protoplanetary disk, gravitational instability, own gravitational field, numerical simulation, dispersion equation, planetary system
Publication language: russian,  pages: 25
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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