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KIAM Preprint  105, Moscow, 2014
Authors: Orlov Y. N., Soloviev V.O., Ovchinnikov N.M., Patsyuk V.V., Suslin V.M.
Shock wave propagation in detonator channel and optimization of parameters of initiation of explosion charges
In this paper the method of energy input optimization for the problem of explosion initiation with taking into account the shock wave behaviour. This detonation wave is spread out inside three consequently increasing cylindrical channels, conjugated with each other by means of truncated cones. The optimal channels parameters and minimal initiation energy for detonation development are obtained numerically by the corresponding mathematical model. The manner of initiation and numerical method enable to construct new types of low-voltage detonators without any primary explosive substance, high stability with respect to dynamical actions, static electricity and wandering currents. The practical employment of the new detonators enables to raise the safety of explosive works, reduce the non-sized yield under extraction problems and create the low-size blocks of electric initiation for pulsing explosion engine of various purpose.
initiation, detonator, explosion material, shock wave
Publication language: russian,  pages: 21
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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About authors:
  • Orlov Yurii Nikolaevich, RAS
  • Soloviev V.O., 
  • Ovchinnikov N.M., 
  • Patsyuk V.V., 
  • Suslin V. M.,  KIAM RAS