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KIAM Preprint  46, Moscow, 2013
Authors: Ilyin I. S.
Selection of a nominal orbit for the Millimetron spacecraft from the periodic orbits family in the vicinity of the Sun-Earth L2 libration point
This work concerns the orbit choice problem in case of the Millimetron mission the deployment of a space telescope on some quasi-periodic trajectory in the vicinity of the Sun-Earth system L2 point. The classification of the periodic motions in the vicinity of the collinear libration points is presented along with the pioneer libration point missions overview. The periodic solutions of the restricted three body problem, which have been suggested by other authors as the prototypes of the Millimetron orbit are presented. These periodic solutions have been simulated with the help of dynamical model which takes into account all major forces affecting spacecraft. The final part of this preprint contains appropriate halo orbits with given geometrical dimensions such as 1 million km z-component amplitude. These orbits are regarded by the author as the most convenient ones for the Millimetron spacecraft deployment. One of these halo-orbits has been chosen as the nominal trajectory for the Millimetron mission. The calculation algorithms providing such halo orbits with the low-energy transfer trajectories have been described in [1-3].
halo orbits, L2 point, Millimetron
Publication language: russian,  : 21
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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