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KIAM Preprint  42, Moscow, 2013
Authors: Alexandrov V.V., Grabovskiy E.V., Gritsuk A.N., Laukhin Y.N., Mitrofanov K.N., Oleynik G.M., Frolov I.N., Sasorov P. V., Shevelko A. P., Gasilov V. A., Olkhovskaya O. G., Boldarev A. S., Bagdasarov G. A.
Experimental and numerical study of quasispherical compression of plasma liners
Quasispherical compression of plasma liners created by multiwire arrays electrical explosion at ANGARA-5-1 facility (TRINITI) with the discharge current up to 3.5 and the pulse rise time about 90 ns is studied. Different configurations of wire arrays are investigated. It is demonstrated that dedicated design of the electrodes, the wire array, and mass distribution along the wires results in very compact spherical bright radiation source in the centre of the array. The trailing mass is significantly less as compared with cylindrical and uniform quasispherical liners.
z-pinch, quasispherical wire-array liners, MHD simulation
Publication language: russian,  pages: 18
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Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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About authors:
  • Alexandrov V.V.,  ,  ' '
  • Grabovskiy E.V.,  ,  ' '
  • Gritsuk A.N.,  ,  ' '
  • Laukhin Y.N.,  ,  ' '
  • Mitrofanov K.N.,  ,  ' '
  • Oleynik G.M.,  ,  ' '
  • Frolov I.N.,  ,  ' '
  • Sasorov Pavel Vasilievich,  KIAM RAS
  • Shevelko A. P.,  . ..
  • Gasilov Vladimir Anatolievich, RAS
  • Olkhovskaya Olga Gourgenovna, RAS
  • Boldarev Aleksey Sergeevich, RAS
  • Bagdasarov Gennadiy Alekseevich, RAS