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KIAM Preprint  82, Moscow, 2012
Authors: Platonov A. K., Frolov A.A., Biryukova E.V., Pranichnikov V. E., Emel'yanov S. N.
Methods of Biomechatronic for Human Arm Stimulator
The problems of mechatronics when developing medical and research training simulators, exoskeletons, devoted to a stimulation of bone-muscle apparatus of the human arm with motor disorders are considered. The results of modeling of the biomechanics and nervous control of the human arm are presented. The requirements to the mechatronics of the exoskeleton of the arm are formulated on the basis of these results. The studies are supported by RFBR grants 11-04-12067---2012, 11-04-12025---2012 and 10-04-00191-.
neurorehabilitation, exoskeleton of the human arm, biologically adequate control, motor synergies
Publication language: russian,  pages: 40
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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