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KIAM Preprint  73, Moscow, 2012
Authors: Goloviznin V.M., Zaitsev N. A., Kabanov V.V., Lysov V. G., Rykov Y. G.
On some approach to direct numerical simulation of two-phase flows
In the preprint a calculation methodology for the modeling of two phase flows at the scale of local equilibrium is presented. The described schematics is based on the DNS approach and is intended for the usage with the supercomputers (with the prospects of achieving of exaflops performance). The model is based on the usual concept of single-velocity continuum, where the phases differ in the density level. Also the model includes the EOS of Van der Waals type with the possibility to have the phase transition. At this such EOS allows performing the uniform calculations and including into the consideration various non-equilibrium processes. The Euler equations with heat conduction effects form the hydrodynamic background. It is demonstrated the capacity of proposed methodology to describe phase transitions realistically, to monitor the boundaries of phases separation clearly and to follow the processes like bubbles merging. Also such methodology in its basics does not depend on the dimensionality of problems.
Two-phase flows, direct numerical simulation, thermodynamic model
Publication language: russian,  : 36
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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