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KIAM Preprint  26, Moscow, 2010
Authors: Kozlov N.N.
Computation of the genetic code
The mathematical analysis of genetic decodings was spent by the author for a number of years. And the overlapping genes opened in 1976 were one of the main objects of research. These are cases when the same site of DNA codes two or more protein sequences. Numerous cases of the revealed genetic overlappings, permitted to put a number of mathematical problems which have been successfully solved. The detailed statement of these problems is resulted in the author's monography. The mathematical analysis of a genetic code, (, BINOM, 2010, 223 pp.) Such problems have given the chance to get into structure of a genetic code and its interrelation with overlapping genes deeply enough. As a result the new problem has been put: computation of a genetic code on a basis of amino acids sequences which are writing down overlapping genes. About one approach to the decision of this problem it is told in the given work.
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Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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