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KIAM Preprint  112, Moscow, 2005
Authors: Kovalenko V. N., Kovalenko E. I., Koryagin D.A., Lubimsky E.Z.
Method of Lookahead Scheduling for Grid
In this paper we propose a new method of resource distribution between computational jobs for a practically important form of a grid, where resources are used not only by grid, but are shared with their owners. The characteristic feature of the method, called Lookahead scheduling, is its ability to build up a plan of resource allocations for some period of a time, unlike more common scheme, in which a scheduling is limited to forwarding jobs to free resources. Such predictive scheduling even in the conditions of shared resources has the property of a determinacy realization of the plan is provided by means of advance reservation. The property of the determinacy makes the Lookahead method suitable for a multiple-processor job management.
grid, distributed computing, scheduling, resource reservation, cluster, coallocation
Publication language: russian,  pages: 33
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Programming, parallel computing, multimedia
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About authors:
  • Kovalenko Victor Nikolaevich, RAS
  • Kovalenko Evgeniia Ivanovna, RAS
  • Koryagin D. A.,  KIAM RAS
  • Lubimsky E. Z.,  KIAM RAS