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KIAM Preprint  11, Moscow, 2003
Authors: Babkin E.V., Belyaev M.Yu., Efimov N.I., Sazonov V. V., Stazhkov V.M.
Determining Quasi-Steady Acceleration Component on Board the International Space Station.
Two methods of determining a quasi-steady acceleration component arising on board the International Space Station were compared. The first method was based on the calculation of the accelerations by telemetry information about station attitude motion. The second method consisted in direct measuring the accelerations by a thriaxial low frequency accelerometer and subsequent smoothing measurement data. The measurement data were produced by MAMS. Comparison of the acceleration values, obtained by different ways, was carried out as a result of constructing the approximation of the measured acceleration values by their calculated values. The approximation was constructed by the least squares method. Ajustable parameters were the constant biases in measurement data and coordinates of the accelerometer position in the coordinate system, connected to the centre of mass of the station. Both methods gave similar results. The received estimations of the accelerometer coordinates can be used for the more precise definition of the position of the station centre of inertia.
Publication language: russian,  pages: 32
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Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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About authors:
  • Babkin E.V.
  • Belyaev M.Yu.
  • Efimov N.I.
  • Sazonov Victor Vasilyevich, RAS
  • Stazhkov V.M.