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KIAM Preprint № 11, Moscow, 2002
Authors: Akim E.L., Gorokhova A.A., Kiseleva I. P., Stepaniants V. A., Tuchin A. G.
Local Measurement Processing of the Interplanetary Spacecraft's Radio System.
The paper devoted to local processing of the interplanetary spacecraft. The problems of anomalous measurements finding and measurement quality estimation are considered. The measurement's errors can be caused by malfunction measuring equipment, great distortions in communication lines or another reasons. The algorithm of the anomalous measurement identification uses the a-priory accuracy estimation of the tracking measurements. The error's components are considered. The estimations of the measurement errors due to environment of the signal passing are given. The anomalous measurement identification algorithm consists of two parts. The first part provides automatic identification when the number of anomalous measurement does not exceed 10% of total measurement number. The second part of algorithm is based on the supposition, that the instrument error is constant magnitude adding to some group of measurements. The distorted measurements do not necessary follow one after another. One measurement session can contain some groups. The examples of the algorithm operating are considered.
Publication language: russian,  pages: 20
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Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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