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KIAM Preprint  80, Moscow, 2001
Authors: Kozlov N.N.
The Theorem of the Genetic Code.
The communication of some special overlapping with some properties of genetic code's structure was obtained on the basis of etude of experimental date by the overlapping pair of genes [1-5]. T h e m a t h e m a t i c a l m o d e l i n g of f u l l s e t o f o v e r l a p p i n g g e n e s,   belonging to one or two chains of DNA was done for receiving of basic result by such communication. Perhaps, the all cases of overlaps were looked. The result of modeling is formulated as the theorem which is obtaining all possibilities of the formations of full set of overlaps, which are made of the code structures the analyze of receiving solutions helped to open the certain of new properties of genetic code (for cases of overlaps in one chain of DNA see [6-8]), which occasionally shows problem of it's origin and evolution.
Publication language: russian
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics