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KIAM Preprint  15, Moscow, 2001
Authors: Lichachev V.N., Sazonov V. V., Ul'yashin A.I.
Single Axis Solar Orientation of the Earth Artificial Satellite.
Possibility of using the single axis solar orientation is substantiated for the satellite with a solar sail. The satellite orbit is nearly circular one with the altitude about 900 km. The satellitite (together a sail) has an axially symmetric structure, its symmetry axis being central principal axis of the maximal moment of inertia. The sail pressure center lies in the axis and dont coincide with the satellite barycenter. The satellite is directed by its symmetry axis towards the Sun so that its barycenter lies between the sun and the pressure center. Then the satellite is twisted around the symmetry axis with angular rate equal a few degrees per second. The axis performs a slow precession under the action of gravitational and solar pressure torques. The solar pressure torque predominates and directs a pression so that the orientation of the symmetry axis towards the Sun is preserved. Estimation of orientation error is obtained for the case when the solar sail was not developed completely and influence of the sail propeller tourqe on the oriented satellite motion is evaluated.
Publication language: russian
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Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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About authors:
  • Lichachev V.N.
  • Sazonov Victor Vasilyevich, RAS
  • Ul'yashin A.I.