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KIAM Preprint № 24, Moscow, 1998
Authors: Boguslavskiy A. A., Sokolov S. M.
Graphic User Interface of Vision Systems based on PC.
Principles of design and realization of the graphics user interface (GUI) of vision systems (VS) based on the personal computers of IBM PC family are considered in the given paper. The VS functions in real-time mode in the MS-DOS environment. For MS- OS the own GUI library was developed. VS GUI main functions are: visual information in graphic and digital form viewing, image processing algorithm setting up, image processing results reflecting and realization of VS operational modes - manual and automatic. GUI is based on modal dialog e windows. The 'Field of View' element is the main interface feature. It serves a container of setup elements for image processing algorithm. These elements are intended for interactive setup of such parameters, as search area, search direction, obje ts characteristic sizes on the image. The setup parameters of VS image processing algorithm are selected with the specification of concrete algorithm features. The image processing results are shown by a 'Field of View' element in the form of points nd segments, selecting the objects of interest by color. GUI is realized as class library on the C++ language. The interface elements examples are taken from applied VS (VS for the contact wire disposition measurement above the railway axis), realized on basis of above considered GUI.
Publication language: russian
Research direction:
Programming, parallel computing, multimedia
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About authors:
  • Boguslavskiy Andrey Alexandrovich, RAS
  • Sokolov Sergey Mikhailovich, RAS