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KIAM Preprint  89, Moscow, 2021
Authors: Ershov S.V., Kopylov M.S., Voloboy A.G.
Optimal weights for bidirectional ray tracing with photon maps while mixing 3 strategies
Bidirectional stochastic ray tracing with photon maps is a powerful method but suffers from noise. It can be reduced by the Multiple Importance Sampling which combines results of different strategies. The optimal weights minimize the noise functional thus providing the best quality of the results. In the paper we derive and solve the system of integral equations that determine the optimal weights. It has several qualitative differences from the previously investigated case of mixing two strategies, but further increase of their number beyond 3 retains the qualitative features of the system. It can be solved in a closed form i.e. as an algebraic formula that include several integrals of the known functions that can be calculated in ray tracing.
stochastic ray tracing, photon maps, multiple importance sampling, optimal weights
Publication language: english,  pages: 46
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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About authors:
  • Ershov Sergey Valentinovich, RAS
  • Kopylov Mikhail Sergeevich, RAS
  • Voloboy Alexey Gennadievich, RAS