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KIAM Preprint  110, Moscow, 2017
Authors: Ivanov D. S., Koptev M.D., Tkachev S. S., Shachkov M.O.
Docking algorithm for flexible microsatellite mock-ups on planar air-bearing test-bench
A motion control algorithm for microsatellite mock-up with flexible rods docking with noncooperative target on the air table is proposed in the paper. A linear motion model of the mock-up with flexible rods is developed. The state vector of the mock-up body and flexible rod is estimated by the extended Kalman Filter using the visual-based navigation system measurements. The results of the experimental study of the developed algorithms are presented.
test-bench, satellites docking, control algorithm, motion determination
Publication language: english,  pages: 24
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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About authors:
  • Ivanov Danil Sergeevich, RAS
  • Koptev Michael Dmitrievich, 
  • Tkachev Stepan Sergeevich, RAS
  • Shachkov Mark Olegovich,