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KIAM Preprint  25, Moscow, 2013
Authors: Sarychev V. A., Gutnik S.A., Silva A., Santos L.
Dynamics of gyrostat satellite subject to gravitational torque. Stability analysis
Dynamics of gyrostat satellite moving along a circular orbit in the central Newtonian gravitational field is investigated. A symbolic-numerical method for determining of all equilibrium orientations of gyrostat satellite in the orbital coordinate system with given gyrostatic torque and given principal central moments of inertia is proposed. For each equilibrium orientation sufficient conditions of stability are obtained as a result of analysis of generalized energy integral used as Lyapunov function. Investigation of domains where stability conditions take place is provided in detail depending on four dimensionless parameters of the problem. It is shown that the number of stable equilibria of the gyrostat satellite in general case changes from 8 to 4 with the increasing the absolute value of gyrostatic torque.
gyrostat satellite, gravitational torque, equilibria, stability
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Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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