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KIAM Preprint  32, Moscow, 2004
Authors: Akim E.L., Bries K., Behr P., Vedeshin L.A., Vorontsov D.V., Egorov V.V., Kalashnikov S.K., Kalinin A.P., Kolk K-H, Montenegro S., Ovchinnikov M. Y., Orlov A.G., Pletner S., Rodionov A.I., Rodionov I.D., Fedunin E.Yu., Shub B.R.
The Fire Infrared-Hyperspectral Monitoring (Russian Germany Proposals for an International Earth Observation Mission)
Preprint contains the proposal for creating a constellation of small satellites for space observation of forest fires, volcano eruptions and other natural catastrophes. The proposal is based on infrared remote sensing technology (IR) implemented by German Side in the small satellite BIRD and on hyperspectral remote sensing technology (HT) developed by Russian Side as a part of the Astrogon Project and tested in airborne experiments. The Project also includes a high-performance, low-fault onboard computer developed jointly by both Sides and based on industrial electronic elements. The concept of the project is based on integration of IT, providing wide observation span, and HT, providing the local analysis capability for detected energy sources. The Proposal was prepared for DLR as an international remote Earth monitoring Project. It was also presented in September, 2003 in Rosaviakosmos, included in the Program Spaceborne study of global and regional environmental processes on Earth using the infrared and hyperspectral sensors, and approved for years 2004 2015 by the Space Research Council of Russian Academy of Sciences, Section Earth study from the space.The project is open for potential investors and users. Keywords: infrared technology, remote monitoring, hyperspectrometry, fires, natural catastrophes.
Publication language: english,  pages: 34
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Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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About authors:
  • Akim E. L.,  KIAM RAS
  • Bries K.
  • Behr P.
  • Vedeshin L.A.
  • Vorontsov D.V.
  • Egorov V.V.
  • Kalashnikov S.K.
  • Kalinin A.P.
  • Kolk K-H
  • Montenegro S.
  • Ovchinnikov Michael Yurievich,  KIAM RAS
  • Orlov A.G.
  • Pletner S.
  • Rodionov A.I.
  • Rodionov I.D.
  • Fedunin E.Yu.
  • Shub B.R.