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Conference material: "Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision Graphicon (19-21 September 2022, Ryazan)"
Authors: Larkin E.V., Privalov A.N., Akimenko T.A.
IR Sensor Test System
Methods for testing IR sensors, which are currently widely used as a source of information about the environment in various sectors of the national economy, are being investigated. It is shown that due to the transformation of the informative parameters of the observed scene by the sensor, information loss at the output of the device is possible. The structure of the testing system has been developed, the main element of which is a patented generator of reference test signals, which makes it possible to evaluate the following informative parameters: thermal signal characteristic, distortion, resolution. The heat-signal characteristic is built as a result of scanning heated plates, statistical processing of measurement results and approximation of the results of statistical processing by a linear dependence. Distortion is estimated based on the results of assessing the coordinates of the IR LEDs on the stage of the generator of reference test signals. The resolution is estimated by the results of constructing the surface of values of the output signal of the IR sensor when scanning heat-generating plates located at some angle to each other. For each case of assessing the information content, an appropriate assessment methodology is proposed. The results are recommended for use at enterprises involved in the development, production and operation of IR sensors.
Infrared sensor, thermal signal generator, informative parameters, information loss, thermal signal characteristic, distortion, resolution
Publication language: english,  pages: 6 (p. 1130-1135)
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About authors:
  • Larkin Eugene Vasilievich,,  Tula State University
  • Privalov Aleksandr Nikolaevich,,  Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University
  • Akimenko Tatiana Alekseevna,,  Tula State University