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Conference material: "Proceedings of the 6th International Conference “Futurity designing. Digital reality problems” (February 2-3, 2023, Moscow)"
Authors: Malinetskii G.G.
Paradigm. Synergetics. Genius
Academician I.T. Frolov at one time made great efforts to make the problem of man central both in the activities of the Academy and in the research of all domestic science. He was ahead of his time. It is this problem that is at the forefront of post-industrial reality. Apparently, the study of genius was to become one of the key tasks in the work of the Institute of Human, which was created by I.T. Frolov. The fact is that the development of the world community, civilizations, individual countries is determined by the ability of society to find people with outstanding abilities and help them realize their potential. I consider the problem of genius from the standpoint of the theory of self-organization or synergetics. This interdisciplinary approach considers the interaction of the three spheres of rational–emotion–intuition, each of which is very significant, in application to the study of man and society. The concept of white, gray and black swans, reflecting the probability of the events under study and associated with the approach of Nassim Taleb, is the key to the analysis. Genius in this context is determined by the appearance of Black Swans in various areas of creativity. I show that it is the phenomenon of self-organization that makes it possible to comprehend and describe the manifestation and embodiment of genius. Currently, there is a serious challenge that can determine the development of civilization. This challenge is connected with the revolution taking place in the theory of artificial intelligence. The emerging technologies have made it possible to effectively use the phenomenon of self-organization in the course of training neural networks. This allows computers to 'teach each other' and achieve results far beyond human capabilities. These changes affect worldview issues, scenarios of interaction between people and technology, the problem of human essence. The comprehension of genius outlines the path to solving these problems.
paradigm, genius, self-organization, synergetics, philosophy of technology, Black swans, rational-emotion-intuition, Institute of Human, artificial intelligence revolution, “dirty” neural networks, human essence
Publication language: russian,  pages: 31 (p. 34-64)
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  • Malinetskii Georgii Gennadyevich, RAS