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Conference material: "Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision Graphicon"
Authors: Dubanov A.A.
Group Pursuit on a Plane with Modeling Detection Area
This article describes the pursuit model by the method of chasing a group of objects. All objects participating in the pursuit model move at a constant modulo velocity. The pursuing object moves along a certain trajectory and releases objects at specified intervals, whose task is to overtake the target by the chase method. A single target, in turn, is tasked to overtake the pursuer by the method of parallel convergence. A detection area is formed for each pursuing object. The detection area is formed by two beams. The velocity vector of an object is the bisector of the angle formed by such rays. If the target is in the detection area, then the object begins the pursuit by the chase method. If the target leaves the detection area, then the object makes a uniform and rectilinear movement. The task is to implement a dynamic model of multiple group pursuing, where each object has its own tasks, its own strategies. The model is developed using computer mathematics systems. According to the results of the research, animated images were created. Targeting methods such as the chase method, the parallel approach method and the proportional approach method are widely used in military affairs. But they, for the most part, require external control, such as pointing the target with a laser beam or satellite guidance to the target. There is no description of methods of targeting in offline mode in open sources of information. The research results may be in demand when designing unmanned aerial vehicles with elements of autonomous control and artificial intelligence.
Parallel pursuit, chase method, target, pursuer, trajectory, correction
Publication language: russian,  pages: 8 (p. 844-851)
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  • Dubanov A.A.,,  Banzarov Buryat State University