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Conference material: "Proceedings of the 5th International Conference ďFuturity designing. Digital reality problemsĒ (February 3-4, 2022, Moscow)"
Authors: Lazarevich A.A.
Informational and digital world in the mirror of processes of globalization
The paperís author pays his attention to two key trends of our time. There are the development of processes of globalization and the formation of the total digitalization. So we deal with the question of the correlation of these trends, their interdependence and determinism, the completeness of the content of the described conceptsí data. The post-industrial type of social development and the followed informational and digital structure have the necessary set of signs of globalization, i.e. they are social structures of a global nature. The author substantiates the thesis that post-industrial processes, as well as the processes of informatization, information and digital technologies and various types of social communications built on their basis are causal determinants of globalization, while globalization itself belongs to the category of investigative phenomena that can affect the content of the factors which have caused it. The author emphasizes the fact that in socio-practical context the processes of countering globalization have specific forms of political, economic and socio-cultural measures. But a worthy and effective counteraction to globalization can be carried out by implementing at least two factors: firstly, the production of material and spiritual socially significant goods on an innovative basis, and, secondly, the creation of technologies of their extrapolation beyond a certain local national space. The peculiarity of contemporary processes of social dynamics lies in the active confrontation of universal and local factors in culture. The global communication space of modern culture is determined by many things. Among these things is scientific and technological progress or the universal nature of scientific creativity and its results including the latest computer and information and digital technologies. The intensive development and at the same time the weak manageability of global informational processes determines the desire of the international community to coordinate them. Thatís why the connection of value-semantic and institutional, structural-technological principles of management of global processes is actualized.
culture, science, socio-cultural communications, globalization, informatization, digitalization, management of globalizationís processes
Publication language: russian,  pages: 10 (p. 66-75)
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About authors:
  • Lazarevich Anatoly Arkadjevich, of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus