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Conference material: "Scientific service & Internet: proceedings of the 23rd All-Russian Scientific Conference (September 20-23, 2021, online)"
Authors: Kasparinsky F.O.
Multitrading Information Environment
The multitrading information environment provides simultaneous work with several financial instruments on many trading accounts of different forex brokers using optimal trading strategies (scalping, swing trading and positional trading). The hardware complex of multitrading is composed of Analytical, Operational and Overview displays, the operation of which is provided by separate computers. The characteristics of the hardware base of multitrading, which provide reliable and comfortable work in stationary and mobile conditions, have been determined. The principles of optimizing the configuration and color design of the contents of the displays of the multitrading system have been established. The Analytical display consists of 6 Analytical windows with progressively increasing time scales (timeframes) and is used to work with one (most liquid) financial instrument. The Analytical window contains a price chart and three Indicator windows, which are grouped by compatibility, purpose (anticipatory, main, confirming) and specificity (trend, oscillators, volume indicators). A technique is proposed for unmasking the latent phases of oscillation trends by Complex Indicators of Tendencies, which are formed through the sequential application of trend indicators of technical analysis to the data of oscillatory indicators. The Overview display (6-8 Analytical windows with the same timeframe and different financial instruments) provides a tactical choice of the instrument to be connected to the Analytical display windows. The Operational display allows a trader to simultaneously work with orders from multiple trading accounts of different brokers in separate browsers with web terminals. A set of suitable browsers and their specific settings have been determined. The article discusses the basic concepts necessary for the use of multitrading, defines the criteria for choosing the optimal brokers, trading platforms and forex terminals. A methodology for creating and using round-the-clock video recordings of the multitrading displays has been developed. A network of Internet services has been formed to exchange experience in optimizing the information environment of multitrading. Based on the results of three years of experimental work, methodological techniques were selected that contribute to the development of an individualized trading system based on the multitrading information environment.
Forex, Internet, trading, multitrading, technical analysis, investments, organization of work, efficiency, market, forecast
Publication language: russian,  pages: 39 (p. 163-201)
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  • Kasparinsky Felix Osvaldovich,,  MASTER-MULTIMEDIA Ltd.