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Conference material: "Scientific service & Internet: proceedings of the 22nd All-Russian Scientific Conference (September 21-25, 2020, online)"
Authors: Kanygin G.V., Kononova O.V.
Exploring Industry 4.0 Technology for Expressing Implicit Knowledge on the Internet
Industry 4.0 is an ever-expanding set of complementary technologies and at the same time a system of social interactions of people through technologies. The bottleneck in the development of Industry 4.0 is the inconsistency, on the one hand, of meaningful work with knowledge performed by humans using natural language. On the other hand, the formal operations with human utterances executed by computer. As a promising way to overcome this inconsistency, the article analyzes possibility of smart technologies development based on the concept of dual knowledge of Polanyi. There has been done an analysis of researches which touch the concept of dual knowledge and which propose methods to apply the concept in practice. The paper emphasizes the importance of taking into account the features of the use of natural language as a pragmatic way of expressing implicit knowledge by actors of smart technologies. To assist actors expressing their implicit knowledge the paper proposes a visual linking mechanism (VLM) of natural language utterances. VLM allows creating a technology that assists a person in a spiral process of expressing implicit knowledge and coordinates his own outcomes with the views of other people. The article explains the functioning of the VLM by the example of the expression of ordinary human knowledge.
Industry 4, ICTs, implicit knowledge, human-machine interaction, modeling of social processes, tacit knowledge, visual representation of information
Publication language: russian,  pages: 21 (p. 286-306)
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About authors:
  • Kanygin Gennadij Viktorovich,,  Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Kononova Olga Vitalievna,,  ITMO University; Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences