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Conference material: "Scientific service & Internet: proceedings of the 22nd All-Russian Scientific Conference (September 21-25, 2020, online)"
Authors: Andrianov A. N., Baranova T. P., Bugerya A. B., Gladkova E. N., Efimkin K. N., Koludarov P.I.
Automatic computational load balancing between CPU and accelerator
The paper considers the issues of the computational load balancing arisen during the distribution of computing within one node of the hybrid (containing, in addition to the central processors, specialized accelerators) computing system. There proposed a method for the static distribution of computations, and another one for automatic balancing of the computational load during program execution. This method is based on a periodic analysis of the CPU load by the program and deciding on the redistribution of computational load if necessary. The proposed methods are implemented in a program that solves the problem of gas dynamics using the computing resources of the central processor and graphics accelerators. The results of program execution with various data distributions were obtained and analyzed, both with and without the mechanism for automatic balancing of the computational load.
parallel programming, computational load balancing
Publication language: russian,  pages: 10 (p. 19-28)
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About authors:
  • Andrianov Alexander Nikolaevich, RAS
  • Baranova Tat'yana Petrovna, RAS
  • Bugerya Alexander Borisovich, RAS
  • Gladkova Ekaterina Nikolaevna, RAS
  • Efimkin Kirill Nikolaevich, RAS
  • Koludarov Pavel Ivanovich,,  OOO EME