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Conference material: "Scientific service & Internet: proceedings of the 22nd All-Russian Scientific Conference (September 21-25, 2020, online)"
Authors: Aleksakhin V. F., Bakhtin V. A., Zhukova O. F., Krukov V. A., Kuznetsov M. J., Pritula M. N., Savitskaya O. A.
Parallel I/O and control points in DVM system
DVM-system is designed for the development of parallel programs of scientific and technical calculations in C-DVMH and Fortran-DVMH languages. These languages use a single parallel programming model (DVMH model) and are extensions of the standard C and Fortran languages with parallelism specifications, written in the form of directives to the compiler. The DVMH model makes it possible to create efficient parallel programs for heterogeneous computing clusters. The article presents new features of DVM system for working with control points, which are based on the use of parallel I/O.
automation of development of parallel programs, DVM-system, accelerator, GPU, Fortran, С, MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC, DVMH, I/O, control point
Publication language: russian,  страниц: 16 (p. 3-18)
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