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Conference material: "Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference “Futurity designing. Digital reality problems” (February 6-7, 2020, Moscow)"
Authors: Terentyev Yu. A., Malinetskii G.G., Sysoev M.A., Brazhnik P.À., Zimenkova T.S., Stroganov V.V., Kamynin A.V.
Vacuum transport: Prospects for the 21st century
Digital technology allows you to create vehicles with great potential. One of them is vacuum magnetic levitation transport (VMLT). This transport allows you to transport goods at speeds of over 6000 km/h, has a very low energy intensity and relatively cheap infrastructure. A remarkable feature of VMLT is that all its elements have already been practically implemented, and we should talk about optimizing technical solutions and deploying such systems on a large scale. We consider a number of theoretical and experimental results obtained by the authors and bringing VMLT closer to practical implementation.
vacuum transport, superconductivity, economic effect, experimental processing, magnetic levitation, calculations of optimal magnetic structures, digital reality, computer control of technical systems
Publication language: russian,  pages: 16 (p. 149-164)
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About authors:
  • Terentyev Yury Alekseevich,
  • Malinetskii Georgii Gennadyevich, RAS
  • Sysoev Mikhail Alekseevich,  ,  Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU)
  • Brazhnik Petr Àleksandrovich,  ,  NRC “Kurchatov Institute”
  • Zimenkova Tatyana Sergeevna,,  Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University
  • Stroganov Vladimir Vitaljevich,  «STR MOTION»
  • Kamynin Anton Vladimirovich,,  JSC “S-magnet”