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Conference material: "Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision “Graphicon”"
Authors: Vasiliev E. P., Kustikova V. D., Vikhrev I. B., Utkin K. D., Dudchenko A. V.
Development of the “smart library” application using the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit
We represent a case study of using deep learning and computer vision library - the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. We develop the automated “smart library” using DL and computer vision methods implemented in OpenVINO toolkit. The application involves the registration of the reader (adding information and photos of the new user); updating the machine learning model that describes the face features of the library users; authorization of the reader through face recognition; receiving and returning books by comparing the cover image with the database of flat images available in the library of books. The source code of the application is free available on GitHub: The developed application is planned to be published as a sample of the OpenVINO toolkit.
face recognition, AI, computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, smart library, OpenVINO
Publication language: russian,  ñòðàíèö: 4 (p. 122-125)
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