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Conference material: "Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision Graphicon"
Authors: Arbuzov V.A., Arbuzov E.V., Dubnishchev Yu.N., Zolotukhina O.S., Lukashov V.V.
Reconstruction of the spatial phase and temperature structure of a candle flame using Hilbert optics and shear interferometry methods
The study of the structure of the candle flame is discussed in the work. The optical diagnostics adapted to the study of combustion problems is based on the visualization of phase disturbances induced in the probe light field by the medium under study with using Hilbert optics and interferometry methods combined with pixel-by-pixel processing of the dynamic structure of the recorded images. The diagnostic complex is implemented on the basis of the IAB463M device with modified blocks of optical filtration, light source, registration and information processing. The dynamic phase structure of the candle flame was visualized. The temperature was measured using thermocouples at the reference points. The phase function was restored on axisymmetric sections from the obtained hilbertograms. The temperature field of flame was reconstructed using the inverse Abel transform.
optical diagnostics of flames, Hilbert optics, interferometry
Publication language: russian,  : 4 (p. 58-61)
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