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Conference material: "Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision Graphicon"
Authors: Arbuzov V.A., Arbuzov E.V., Berdnikov V.S., Dubnishchev Yu.N., Zolotukhina O.S., Kislitsyn S.A.
Investigation of convective structures and phase transition induced by non-stationary boundary conditions in a horizontal layer of water
The evolution of convective structures and the phase transition induced by non-stationary boundary conditions in a horizontal water layer bounded by flat heat-exchange surfaces were studied by shear interferometry and numerical simulation methods. Numerical modeling of the temperature field as a field of isotherms in the mode of monotonous cooling of horizontal walls was performed. The problem of fragmentary reconstruction of hilbertograms and shear interferograms images from a numerical model of the isotherm field was solved. The hydrodynamics of convective currents, the coevolution of temperature fields, interference and Hilbert structures have been modeled and studied taking into account the inversion of water density in the vicinity of the isotherm (+4C), under conditions of phase transition and growth of the ice layer on the lower heat transfer plane. The simulation was performed using a proprietary software package. The relevance of this kind of research is due to the special importance of convection in geodynamics, physics of the atmosphere and the ocean, in hydrodynamic and thermophysical processes associated with the formation and growth of crystals.
optical diagnostics, shear interferometry, convective currents
Publication language: russian,  : 5 (p. 53-57)
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