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Conference material: "Scientific service & Internet: proceedings of the 21th All-Russian Scientific Conference (September 23-28, 2019, Novorossiysk)"
Authors: Kalenov N.E., Sobolevskaya I.N., Sotnikov A.N.
Math modeling of the interdisciplinary collections generation process in the digital libraries environment
The article deals with the problem of building a modern information society as the task of forming a knowledge cyberdomain. The implementation of this task can be carried out on the technological platform of the digital library, which ensures the formation and provision of information resources in various knowledge parts to general public users. The article presents the concept of 'knowledge cyberdomain'. The difference between the knowledge cyberdomain and the information space is presented in the paper. The concepts of data entries and types of data entries that make up the content of the knowledge cyberdomain are examines. Knowledge cyberdomain is presented in the form of a set containing data entries that have been tested by the world scientific community. Data entries properties of this set are transferred to all objects of subsets of this set, which allows to avoid a significant part of duplication of information in the knowledge cyberdomain. The objects linking to each other is defined as a recursive transition network. The presentation of the concepts of a set and a subset of a given set for building a digital knowledge space allows you to divide information into levels of detail. Introduced the concept of hierarchical relationships between data entries. The construction of hierarchies that represent data entry sections with a high degree of detail allows to increase the efficiency of information retrieval in the knowledge space and analysis of information. The concept of hierarchy level of data entries is presented in the article. Definitions of various levels data entries are given and principles of work with data entries of each level are formulated. The hierarchy of representation of electronic data entries in the knowledge cyberdomain is proposed.
recursive link, knowledge cyberdomain, digital library, detail levels, data entries hierarchy
Publication language: russian,  : 10 (p. 347-356)
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