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Conference material: "Scientific service & Internet: proceedings of the 21th All-Russian Scientific Conference (September 23-28, 2019, Novorossiysk)"
Authors: Gafurova P.O., Elizarov A.M., Lipachev E.K., Khammatova D.M.
Methods of Formation and Normalization of Metadata in the Digital Mathematical Library
We offer methods for integrating electronic mathematical collections of the Kazan University into domestic and foreign digital mathematical libraries. We present the algorithms for enriching the electronic collections of the Lobachevskii Digital Mathematical Library (Lobachevskii-DML) and generating metadata for collection documents in accordance with the syntax rules of this digital library. We developed the services for normalization of the collection metadata of the Lobachevskii-DML in accordance with DTD rules and Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite XML schemas (NISO JATS) V1.0, V1.1, V1.2. We present an algorithm for automated preparation of electronic collections of the Lobachevskii- DML library according to the rules of the bibliographic database on computer science Dblp Computer Science Bibliography (DBLP).
electronic mathematical collections, digital libraries, digital mathematical library, formation and extraction of metadata, semantic links of information objects, metadata normalization services, Lobachevskii-DML
Publication language: russian,  : 11 (p. 234-244)
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