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Synopsis, Moscow, 2015
On the degree of: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Specialty: 01.02.01 - theoretical mechanics
Dissertation council: Ä 002.024.01
Author: Ilyin I. S.
Quasi-periodic orbits around Sun-Earth L2 libration point and their transfer trajectories in Russian space missions
PhD thesis covers new methods of quasi-periodic orbit construction, providing quasi-periodic orbits with given geometry in vicinity of the Sun-Earth L2 point. Trajectories’ modelling for “Spectr-RG and “Millimetron” missions is performed with the help of these methods. Initial approximation is obtained with the help of transfer trajectory pericentre function’s isoline building method initially developed by M.L. Lidov. The obtained approximation is used to calculate transfer trajectory to the quasi-periodic orbit family defined by selected amplitudes in the full numerical model of Solar system. Then quasi-periodic orbit extension is performed with the help of a special differential correction method. Time- delta V costs distributions of all calculated solutions have been obtained hence optimal launch windows have been defined for both missions. Statistical modelling of engine performance errors has also been carried out, its results enabled estimation of delta V consumption increase during the flight compared to nominal values.
quasi-periodic orbits, halo orbits, libration points, L2 point, “Spectr-RG”, “Millimetron”
Publication language: russian,  pages: 24
Research direction:
Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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  • Ilyin Ivan Sergeevich,  KIAM RAS