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Bulletin "Asteroid-comet hazard", Moscow, 2014
Bulletin № 14-10 (7), 10th lunation of 2014
A statistical and analytical information about the asteroid-comet hazard (ACH) in the near-Earth space is presented. Bulletin includes generalized statistics on astrometric measurements of small bodies of the Solar System, as well as positional measurements by telescopes of ISON network. The detailed information of the extremely close approach of asteroid 2014 RC with the Earth (38 900 km), including plots with osculating elements of it orbit. The results of photometric observations of near-Earth asteroid (NEA) - (285944) 2001 RZ11, with refined rotation period, first published in the Bulletin №14-9 (6). Detailed information about radar observation of NEA at Goldstone and Arecibo observatories is provided.
Asteroid-comet hazard; ACH; near-Earth asteroid; NEA
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Theoretical and applied problems of mechanics
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