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Article, Moscow, 2012
Сборник ''Физические и математические модели плазмы и плазмоподобных сред''
Authors: Zmievskaya G. I., Bondareva A.L.
Numerical simulation of porosity development kinetics into multy-layer media
Models of interaction between irradiation and multi-layers structures are worked out. In this paper irradiated subtracts are materials which are used in modern devices or will be used in projectable devices such as metal mirror for EUV-lithography. Kinetic and stochastic models of blisters formation in mediums consisting of several layers under influence of ions of inert gas are created. Methods of numerical simulation of high-temperature blistering are improved for simulation of formation and evaluation of porosity and stress in multi-layers structures with the account of internal boundaries between metal/dielectric. Blistering under influence of chemical active gas is different from blistering under influence of inert gas. In this case, collisions between chemical active gas and pores walls must be taken into account. Simulation of fibrous porosity needs consideration of blistering with cylindrical pores. Half-implicit scheme not less than the second order of accuracy is used for solution of stochastic differential equations of blistering. Stochastic differential equations have functional-coefficients. Results of solution of stochastic differential equations are analyzed with used the scheme of percolation.
Publication language: russian,  pages: 16
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Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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About authors:
  • Zmievskaya Galina Ivanovna, RAS
  • Bondareva Anna Leonidovna,  KIAM RAS