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Article, Moscow, 2006
. 2006. . 40. 1. . 1-62
Authors: Kolesnichenko A. V., Marov M.Ya.
Fundamentals of the Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media in the Circumsolar Protoplanetary Cloud: The Effects of Solid Particles on Disk Turbulence
We formulate a complete system of equations of two-phase multicomponent mechanics including the relative motion of the phases, coagulation processes, phase transitions, chemical reactions, and radiation in terms of the problem of reconstructing the evolution of the protoplanetary gasdust cloud that surrounded the proto-Sun at an early stage of its existence. These equations are intended for schematized formulations and numerical solutions of special model problems on mutually consistent modeling of the structure, dynamics, thermal regime, and chemical composition of the circumsolar disk at various stages of its evolution, in particular, the developed turbulent motions of a coagulating gas suspension that lead to the formation of a dust subdisk, its gravitational instability, and the subsequent formation and growth of planetesimals. We develop a semiempirical method of modeling the coefficient of turbulent viscosity in a two-phase disk medium by taking into account the inverse effects of the transfer of a dispersed phase (or heat) on the growth of turbulence to model the vertically nonuniform thermohydrodynamic structure of the subdisk and its atmosphere. We analyze the possible regime of limiting saturation of the subdisk atmosphere by fine dust particles that is responsible for the intensification of various coagulation mechanisms in a turbulized medium. For steady motion when solid particles settle to the midplane of the disk under gravity, we analyze the parametric method of moments for solving the Smoluchowski integro-differential coagulation equation for the particle size distribution function.
Publication language: russian
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Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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About authors:
  • Kolesnichenko Aleksandr Vladimirovich, RAS
  • Marov M. Ya.,  KIAM RAS