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1.  KIAM Preprint  55, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Aronov P.S., Rodin A.S.
Title: Comparison of the effectiveness of methods for solving systems of linear equations in the problem of modeling the contact interaction of fuel elements in a thermoelastic formulation
2.  KIAM Preprint  54, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Trapeznikova M.A., Chechina A.A., Churbanova N.G., Garibyan A.G.
Title: Educational software platform for modeling and visualization of road transport movement
3.  KIAM Preprint  53, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Gusev A.O.
Title: Comparison of three mathematical models of directional crystallization
4.  KIAM Preprint  52, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Lukin V.V.
Title: Stable Runge Kutta methods of 2nd and 3rd order for gas dynamics simulation using discontinuous Galerkin method
5.  KIAM Preprint  51, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Krasnov M.M., Feodoritova O.B.
Title: The use of functional programming library to parallelize on graphics accelerators with CUDA technology
6.  KIAM Preprint  50, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Tarasov N.I.
Title: Architecture and implementation of a digital platform for numerical experiments on supercomputers
7.  KIAM Preprint  49, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Zamana K.Y., Sakbaev V.Z.
Title: Compositions of independent random operators and related differential equations
8.  KIAM Preprint  48, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Bruno A.D., Batkhin A.B.
Title: Computation of asymptotic forms of solutions to system of nonlinear partial differential equations
9.  KIAM Preprint  47, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Solomatin R.S.
Title: Realization of turbulent flows mixing and combustion model in the program complex framework
10.  KIAM Preprint  46, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Bruno A.D., Azimov A.A.
Title: Computation of unimodular matrices
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