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1.  KIAM Preprint  50, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Revyakin Y.G.
Title: The opportunities of web-analysis to estimate the effectiveness of scientific publications
2.  KIAM Preprint  41, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Galanin M.P., Rodin A.S.
Title: Application of domain decomposition method for solving problem of contact interaction of axisymmetric bodies
3.  KIAM Preprint  16, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Ivanov D.S., Ivlev N.A., Ivanova T.A., Roldugin D.S.
Title: Microsatellite Mock-Up Automatic Balancing on the Air-Bearing Laboratory Facility
4.  KIAM Preprint  152, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Bakhvalov P.A., Duben A.P., Kozubskaya T.K., Rodionov P.V.
Title: EBR schemes with curvilinear reconstructions for solving two-dimensional external flow problems
5.  KIAM Preprint  141, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Bondarev A.E., Kuvshinnikov A.E., Mikhailova T.N., Ryzhova I.G.
Title: Modelling of the flow in front of the jet obstacle
6.  KIAM Preprint  123, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Belyaev M.Y., Matveeva T.V., Monakhov M.I., Rulev D.N., Sazonov V. V.
Title: Gravitational orientation mode of transport cargo spacecraft Progress MS-07 and MS-08
7.  KIAM Preprint  116, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Ustinin M.N., Rykunov S.D., Boyko A.I., Maslova O.A., Pankratova N.M.
Title: Study of the attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder using the method of functional tomography based on the magnetic encephalography data
8.  KIAM Preprint  87, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Aronov P.S., Rodin A. S.
Title: Mathematical modeling of the contact problem for two elastic bodies with curvilinear boundaries on mismatched grids
9.  KIAM Preprint  22, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Kazakevich G.I., Poveschenko Y.A., Podryga V. O., Rahimly P.I., Rahimly O.R.
Title: Numerical modeling of the characteristic problems of dissociation of gas hydrates in a porous medium. One-dimensional formulation
10.  KIAM Preprint  14, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Poveschenko Y.A., Ladonkina M.E., Podryga V. O., Rahimly O.R., Sharova Y.S.
Title: On a two-layer completely conservative difference scheme of gas dynamics in Eulerian variables with adaptive regularization of solution
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