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1.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 40, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Orlov Y.N.
Title: Evolution equation for Wigner function for linear quantization
2.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 38, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Ivchenko A.Y., Orlov Y.N., Fomina E.V.
Title: Indicators of stability of locomotor functions of cosmonauts
3.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 29, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Voronina M.Y., Orlov Y.N.
Title: On the statistical analysis of psychology testing results
4.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 27, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Kislitsyn A.A., Orlov Y.N.
Title: Structure of the network graph connections
5.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 25, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Gavrikov M. B., Kislitsyn A.A., Orlov Y.N., Kambarov A.O., Nikitjuk D.B., Tutelyan V.A.
Title: Numerical personal threpsology: the problems and solutions
6.  Conference material: "Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference “Futurity designing. Digital reality problems” (February 6-7, 2020, Moscow)"
Authors: Oleynik I.V.
Title: The social effects of technological revolutions
7.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 136, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Gavrikov M. B., Kislitsyn A. A., Orlov Y.N., Pesryakova N.V.
Title: Computational aspects of the problems of digital nutrition
8.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 131, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Chashchin A.V., Botchev M.A., Oseledets I.V., Ovchinnikov G.V.
Title: Predicting dynamical system evolution with residual neural networks
9.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 111, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Baluta V.I., Osipov V.P., Chetverushkin B.N., Yakovenko O.Y.
Title: Simulation of dynamics and adaptation in the space of conflict interaction of the intelligent agents
10.  KIAM Preprint ¹ 91, Moscow, 2019
Authors: Voronina M. Y., Lysova N.Y., Ivanov D. S., Orlov Y. N., Fomina E.V.
Title: Variability of locomotor strategy of cosmonauts at different stages of long-term space flight
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