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1.  KIAM Preprint  107, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Ershov S.V., Birukov .D., Voloboy A.G.
Title: Efficient Calculation of the Optimal MIS Weights in Bidirectional Ray Tracing with Photon Maps
2.  KIAM Preprint  102, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Voronin F.N., Markov M.B., Parot'kin S.V.
Title: Relaxation of the volume charge created by the electron flow in the air
3.  KIAM Preprint  99, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Vasyukov A. V., Petrov I. B., Beklemysheva K. A., Yakobovskiy M.V., Poveschenko Y. A., Gasilov V.A., Boykov D.S.
Title: Model and calculation of the stress-strain state of a hydrate-containing medium during its partial thawing
4.  KIAM Preprint  88, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Belov A.A., Vergazov A.S., Kalitkin N.N.
Title: Accuracy control in stiff system integration
5.  KIAM Preprint  81, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Frolov V.A., Feklisov E.D., Trofimiv M.A., Voloboy A.G.
Title: Synthesis of images of interiors for training neural networks
6.  KIAM Preprint  80, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Sanzharov V.V., Frolov V.A., Voloboy A.G., Galaktionov V.A., Pavlov D.S.
Title: Image datasets generation system for computer vision applications based on photorealistic rendering
7.  KIAM Preprint  78, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Varin V.P.
Title: Invariant curves of some discrete dynamical systems
8.  KIAM Preprint  58, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Kim D.A., Vichev I.Y., Solomyannaya A.D., Grushin A.S.
Title: THERMOS: Simulation of non-stationary neon plasma
9.  KIAM Preprint  56, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Vichev I.Y., Kim D.A., Solomyannaya A.D., Grushin A.S.
Title: THERMOS: onsistent solution of the radiation transport equation with level kinetics in simple geometries
10.  KIAM Preprint  48, Moscow, 2020
Authors: Alekseev M.V., Savenkov E. B., Voronin F. N.
Title: Numerical solution of Baer-Nunziato model with discontinuous Galerkin method
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