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Rahimly Orkhan Rahim oglu
ORCID: 0000-0001-7257-1660

2022 year
1.  KIAM Preprint  26, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Poveschenko Y.A., Koleva M.N., Rahimly O.R., Podryga V.O., Rahimly P.I.
Title: On convergence of difference schemes of support operator method for rotational operations of vector analysis on tetrahedral meshes

2022 year
2.  KIAM Preprint  8, Moscow, 2022
Authors: Rahimly O.R., Poveschenko Y.A., Popov S.B., Podryga V.O., Rahimly P.I.
Title: Two-layer completely conservative gas dynamics schemes with nodal approximation and adaptive regularization of the solution in Euler variables