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Klyshinsky Eduard Stanislavovich
ORCID: 0000-0002-4020-488X

2023 year
1.  KIAM Preprint  46, Moscow, 2023
Authors: Klyshinsky E.S., Geneeva V.A., Klykova E.A., Vasina O.I., Bogdanova A.E., Karpik O.V.
Title: Automatic Construction the Russian Corpus of Verbal Government

2022 year
2.  Conference material, 2022
Authors: Klyshinsky E.S., Ganeeva V.A.
Title: A Method for Visual Interpretation of Word2Vec Static Vector Space

2021 year
3.  KIAM Preprint  58, Moscow, 2021
Authors: Klyshinsky E.S., Buntyakova V.A., Karpik O.V.
Title: Investigation of Grammatical Ambiguity of Most Frequent words of the Russian Language

2017 year
4.  KIAM Preprint  108, Moscow, 2017
Authors: Nazarov V.I., Klyshinsky E.S.
Title: Graph-based data structure for enumeration of all possible generation scenarios of immune receptor sequences

2017 year
5.  KIAM Preprint  13, Moscow, 2017
Authors: Klyshinsky E.S., Logacheva V.K., Belobokova Yu.A.
Title: Foreign text intelligibility: case of Slavic language group

2013 year
6.  KIAM Preprint  41, Moscow, 2013
Authors: Klyshinsky E. S., Kochetkova N.A., Mansurova O. Y., Iagunouva E.V., Maximov V. Y., Karpik O. V.
Title: Development of Russian subcategorization frames and its properties investigation