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KIAM Preprint ¹ 90, Moscow, 2018
Authors: Ivashkin V. V., Lang A.
Trajectory design for the Earth-asteroid-Earth mission taking into account the choice of the near-asteroid stay orbits
This paper investigates spacecraft (SC) trajectories for the mission to a potentially dangerous asteroid, staying there for some time and following returning its samples to Earth in order to study the asteroid and reduce the asteroid hazard. This paper develops a two-step method for constructing interplanetary trajectories of the Earth-asteroid and asteroid-Earth transfers, as well as a method for analyzing the asteroid’s satellite orbits. Optimal interplanetary trajectories for the Earth-Apophis-Earth mission using high thrust engines are found by maximizing the spacecraft payload mass. The near Apophis orbital motions of the main SC and the mini-satellite with a radio beacon have been studied taking into account three types of perturbations: the gravitational effects from some distant celestial bodies, the nonsphericity of Apophis and the solar radiation pressure.
space mission to an asteroid, optimal interplanetary trajectories, asteroid’s satellite orbital motion, nonsphericity of an asteroid, solar radiation pressure, asteroid Apophis, “lifetime” of asteroid’s satellite
Publication language: russian, pages: 27
Research direction:
Mathematical modelling in actual problems of science and technics
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